Studio Salford

Reserve tickets

We have been experimenting with an advance booking system over the past year but after listening to audience feedback we have decided to revert back to the old reservations system for the time being. So now you can reserve your seats for any production without any advance payment... all we ask is a commitment to honouring your reservation or to let us know you can't make it - just click the link in your confirmation email. This ensures we don't turn people away unnecessarily when a show is popular. Embryo nights will remain pay on the door only without advance reservation. If you feel that the advance payment system we tried was preferable or have any other opinion please do let us know via the contact form.

Use this form to reserve tickets up to 4 hours before a show starts. After that time, please call/text 07583 634 871.

We will confirm your booking by email, and your phone number is needed in the event of an overbooking / cancellation. Your details will not be passed on to anybody else. Some tickets may also be available behind the bar at the King's Arms.